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Un site sur les récits d’accouchement

Birthing Tales

Ce site présente les récits d’accouchement trouvés dans les ouvrages médicaux écrits et publiés en français des environs de 1500 à 1630 : http://www.birthingtales.org


Ce projet, initié par Valerie Worth-Stylianou (Trinity College, University of Oxford) a bénéficié d’un British Academy Small Research Grant.

Les textes sont présentés en français et avec leur traduction en anglais.

Le choix des textes : "In Les Traités d’Obstétrique I looked at works which treated childbirth within broader contexts of women’s health, including conception, pregnancy, the choice of a wetnurse, and the care of the newborn infant. In contrast, this site focuses just on accounts of birth - the actual point at which the mother gives birth/ is delivered, and the child enters the world. I am particularly interested in the way in which birth is represented as at once a universal and a unique experience. For this reason, I restrict the texts presented to those which are accounts of a real and specific birth. This means that I have not, for instance, included the (numerous) theoretical accounts of a ’typical’ birth. For some authors, I have been able to include all the episodes meeting these criteria. In other cases, as indicated at the start of the relevant section, I have translated only selected episodes (either the most representative or the most interesting). There are a number of authors writing between 1500-1700 on aspects of women’s medicine or obstetrics, whose work provides no examples of birthing tales."